Highest Professionalism

Excellent Legal Knowledge – For us, excellent legal knowledge is a given and it is the foundation upon which we base our advice.

Breaking New Ground – Our lawyers are the best graduates in their class. They are relatively young and are venturing off the beaten path to break new ground. For this reason, numerous independent media sources consider them to be leading the pack in their areas of specialization.

Targeted Advice – We give clear recommendations for action in the interests of our clients, having weighed up the opportunities and risks. In this manner, we make it easier for our clients to make considered decisions.


Decency – We nurture fair dealings and are always looking to be able to build bridges between the parties, to obtain the best possible negotiated results.

Integrity – Our advice is provided free of any conflict of interest. This is a benefit of our customization as a specialized Corporate Boutique law firm.

Respect – We are always respectful towards our clients, the opposing party and our colleagues.

Success and Experience

Entrepreneurial Mindset Our lawyers have had success in founding, building up, leading and selling companies and have been proved themselves as investors in young as well as established companies and have assumed board functions.

Durability – We campaign tirelessly for the interests of our clients. Our legal strategies are aimed at durable and sustainable value creation.

Trusted Advisor – If so desired, we advise our clients not only on legal issues but also on strategic and commercial goals.