About Us

We are a leading German Corporate Boutique with an international scope. Our firm was founded by partners and lawyers from renowned international firms, to combine quality legal services and a long history of transactional experience with commercial expertise in the provision of advisory services and thereby to efficiently achieve our client’s goals.

„Er hat mich rechtlich bei allen großen Verträgen und Verhandlungen stets exzellent beraten. Er verbindet auf außergewöhnliche Art und Weise den Blick für das Machbare mit dem Interesse des Klienten.“

– Alexander Rittweger, Gründer von Payback und Unternehmer –

„Ich schätze Peter Memminger als einen scharfsinnigen Analytiker und umsichtigen Berater in komplexen wirtschaftlichen und rechtlichen Fällen.“

– Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer, Scheer Group –

„A top lawyer with attention to details while never losing sight nor drive towards the ultimate transaction goal.“

– Patrick Pilz, Gründer und Chairman von Lafayette Mittelstand Capital –

„An extraordinary lawyer with the ability to identify unique solutions to accomplish our objectives. His advice and guidance have been instrumental to our business success.“

– Ken Phillips, General Counsel von Gentherm Inc. –

„He is a highly experienced negotiator. He breaks through contract negotiation deadlock with creative, commercially sound solutions.“

– Mandant, in: Chambers Europe –

„Dr. Peter Memminger ist ein hochintelligenter und ausgezeichneter Jurist. Er ist ein exzellenter Analytiker, kreativer Problemlöser, kluger Stratege und gewiefter Taktiker. Er steht uneingeschränkt loyal zu seinen Klienten ist aber gleichwohl auf einvernehmliche Lösungen bedacht, um Streit vor Gericht und damit in der Öffentlichkeit zu vermeiden. So berät er mich seit Jahren und immer mit großem Erfolg.“

– Prof. Dr. h.c. Roland Berger –

„I have been working with Peter since last year and I have always valued his advice not only on legal matters but also on business and financing. As our legal counsel, he would always look at different aspects of the decision and provides practical advice that is helpful for building my company.“

– Rudi Ramin, Co-Founder and CEO of Grow360, startup on leadership development –

„Peter Memminger is a formidable lawyer and trusted adviser. We much enjoy working with him and his team on a broad range of transactions from minority growth capital investments to buy-outs.“

– Torsten Winkler; Partner bei Vitruvian Partners –

As “Trusted Advisors”, we put the interests of our clients, pragmatism and integrity first. This is the reason why the best-known and most successful German entrepreneurs, international investors and companies, as well as Family Offices and company founders turn to us with absolute trust for advice on their legal and commercial issues. We advise in small teams of top-class specialists, according to our motto: “We talk the talk and we walk the walk”.

Our lawyers are aware first hand of the expectations and challenges faced by successful (international) companies and investors, as they have themselves worked for leading international Investment Banks and Private Equity Funds, are the founders of successful companies or are or have been active as members of a Board.